"Inspect Your Gadgets"
Protecting Your Family In A
Technology Environment
Workshops, Seminars and Speeches designed
to raise the awareness of the dangers to
children and families of the Internet and
emerging technologies and provide practical
home strategies for parents.

Ray Brannon has spent most of his adult life involved
in the communications and electronic frontier. As the
president of a  computer consulting company, Brannon
Consulting, Inc. as well as CEO of Choice Technologies,
Inc. (www.safechoice.com), a company specializing in
computerized accounting systems and web sites for
businesses, he observed the rapid changes technology
brought into the fabric of our society.   He has a M.A.  
in Communications and Technology from the University
of Pittsburgh and spent 8 years as middle school
teacher and a media specialist in the early 70’s. He is
currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Administration and
Leadership Studies at Indiana University of

Mr. Brannon is on the Board Of Advisors and is
Pennsylvania's  representative of Web Wise Kids
(www.webwisekids.com), a non-profit organization
devoted to educating families and children to the
dangers of the Internet. In that capacity, he has
trained police departments from around the state to
use the “Missing” program as part of the D.A.R.E.  

In October of 2005, Mr. Brannon  was a program
presenter at an Internet Predator Summit called  by
Pennsylvania's Attorney General.

In August of 2008 Venango County Training and
Development Center was awarded a $180,00 Federal
earmark grant tofundInterent Safety programs
through WebWise Kidsfor schools under the
sponsorship of Congressman John Peterson of the  5th
Congressional Distict of Pennsylvania. Mr. Brannon will
be the project director for this exciting program that
will provide materials and training for the schools in  
the Congressman's district.

e-mail: rtfbbrannon@comcast.net   or
Safe Kids!
"Thank you for being
such an important part of
the Child Predator
Summit that was held
recently in Harrisburg.
Your presentation was
both educational and
practical for those in
attendance. I have heard
many positive comments
and cannot thank you
enough for giving up
your time and valuable
ideas. Working together,
we can make our
communities a safer
place for Pennsylvania's

Tom Corbett -
Attorney General
State Senator Michael O'Pake,
CYS Director for Berks County,
 George Kovarie and  Ray
Berks County CYS PowerPoint  
In the News
Inspect Your Gadgets
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" This is the third year we have asked Ray to
be one of our presenters at our Career
Camp.  He continues to provide an
outstanding presentation that is full of energy
and humor.  But, most importantly, he
supplies the youth with great vocational and
personal life tools.  Throughout the day he
captivated the audience, which was difficult
because he was dealing with a wide range of
youths ranging from 14-18 years of age.  At
the end of the two week camp, It was
amazing to hear how much the young people
had retained from his presentation and what
an impression he had made on them.  The
staff tells me that  the kids are still talking
about how they are using the tips he gave
them on how to save money for the future,
make a positive impression on people and
be safer when using the Internet.  When
asked which part of camp they liked best, it
was unanimous again -- "Mr. Brannon.  He
was awesome!"

             Colleen Stuart, C.E.O.
    Venango Training & Development Center
2007-2008  "CAREER CAMPS"
WIA 2007-2008 Summer Camps
Pictured above: Congressman John Peterson; Colleen
Stewart, CEO, Venanago Training and Development Center;
Ray Brannon, WebWise Kids, Project Director and Chris
Schwabenbauer, Board President, Venago Training and
Development Center
August, 2008: Congressman
John Peterson awards federal
grant for Internet Safety
Education Program to Venango
Country Taining and
Develpment Center